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How Do Air Pillows Help to Reduce Packaging Costs?

Air pillows refer to plastic pillows filled with air and then sealed tightly. As an e-commerce ready packaging option, air pillows effectively fill the spaces in shipping boxes, serving as a safe cushion for products. Plus, air pillows can also help companies reduce their packaging and storage costs. Wondering how?

Benefits of Using Air Pillows for Packaging

1. Ease of Use

Inflatable packaging, as in air pillows, is super easy to use. Plus, this e-commerce-ready packaging can be used both by large-scale and small-scale businesses. Each role comes perforated, which can be easily torn to fill the void quickly. Plus, customers will also find it easy to handle their packages, as air pillows are very light and can be disposed of easily. On the other hand, alternatives like packaging peanuts are challenging to manage and can be pretty messy.

2. Decreases Product Damage

Air cushions are also reliable because they can reduce product damage, ensuring protection and padding for the products. This way, products that are particularly prone to damage can be effectively delivered to customers. An inflatable system can provide consistent protective packaging for every product, whether the packaging is needed for cushioning, void filling, containment, or wrapping. Products can be protected from shock, vibration, and abrasion during transport. Products don’t have space to move with inflatable air pillows, unlike when packaged with paper fillers, or packaging peanuts. Besides, air pillows are also non-abrasive, which further protects the products.

3. Reduces the Need for Warehouse Space

Home-based businesses especially don’t have a lot of space to stock their products and packaging items. However, the best benefits of using air pillows are that they require minimal space. In fact, one cubic foot of space is enough for a large role of an inflatable air pillow. Companies manufacturing air packaging in Canada make inflatables relatively compact and flat. This way, businesses can save costs by reducing the need for warehouse space.

4. It’s Eco-Friendly

Compared to styrofoam materials and packaging peanuts, air pillows are pretty eco-friendly. Traditional packaging materials are usually not recyclable. Many companies have started to reject materials like packaging peanuts because they are harmful to the environment. In comparison, air pillows can be deflated and disposed of very easily. They are also made with the help of HDPE film, which is easily recyclable. Accordingly, an eco-friendly choice can help keep the environment safe in the long run while reducing the waste cost for businesses.


Air pillows are one of the best packaging options available in the market. Distinctive Solutions offer inflatable cushioning and bubble foil insulation options that can help businesses pack their products safely without incurring very high incremental costs.

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