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Paper-based void fill products are the most common packaging materials used in areas like Toronto. Distinctive Solutions Inc.’s innovative paper products strike a balance between cushioning the product, reducing extra weight, and preserving material. Our paper void fill machines create unique, ready-to-use paper fill to keep your products from shifting in transit.

When Do You Need Paper Eco Friendly Void Fill Packaging?

Paper is a good way to protect the items in your box, particularly when you wrap individual items with it. You can use protective paper packaging to wrap delicate items with the paper. Then, you can use the paper to fill any other void areas with crumpled bits. There are many applications of paper void fill packaging materials. This kind of cushioning and filling material is great for the e-commerce industry, particularly for companies that are looking for eco friendly void fill packaging, biodegradable void fill or want to recycle and stay sustainable. The paper is often 100 percent recyclable, and sometimes the materials in it are already sustainable



Using paper void fill machines is a great way of quickly and efficiently getting your void fill packaging materials into the box. They will get the job done much faster than if you tried to do it all by hand. The right machine will handle many types of void filling packaging materials, including air pillows, peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, and tissue paper.


  • Perfect for Small Shipping Goods – Suitable for filling voids and wrapping products.
  • Efficiency – Creates large volume package goods at low weight.
  • Small and Powerful – Compact, space-saving design with three different operating modes for on-demand paper cushioning. The PAPERplus® Papillon can supply multiple packing stations at the same time.


  • Heavy Weight Packaging – Robust, tear-resistant, and flexible paper cushioning can securely brace even the heaviest products.
  • Ergonomic Solutions – Semi or fully automated paper void fill machines will improve ergonomics at the packaging station, increase warehouse efficiencies and help minimise costs. 
  • Different Paper Types – Adapt two paper types PAPERplus® Standard and PAPERplus® GE, as well as recycled paper.


FASFIL® 1500

  • Simple & Cost Effective – Inexpensive single-ply paper void fill packaging system that requires minimal training and maintenance.  
  • Safety First – Ergonomic system that focusses on reducing strain and stress on the operator.
  • Versatile & Efficient – Integrates into existing conveyor systems by adjusting height and swivel options.
  • Environmental Packaging – All material is 100% recyclable paper and the design allows for less need for protective paper packaging.


Shipping products with gaps in the container they’re in will lead them to shift and move around during transport, which might cause damage. Products that are broken or damaged when they’re delivered to their recipients present a negative image, which can have a lasting negative impact on their reputation. This is where void fill packaging helps.

Eco Friendly Void Fill Packaging

Void fill packaging is a simple way of filling up any empty spaces in a shipping box, and doing it the right way ensures the safety of your products. Paper is a 100% recyclable filling material and easy to handle, so filling void spaces with paper is both logistically simple and environment friendly. void-filling ensures the following:

  • It removes any extra space around the items shipped in a box.
  • Biodegradable Void fill packaging methods like paper void-fill or void fill foam packaging provide the necessary cushioning to the items. This becomes mandatory when it comes to shipping fragile items.
  • Void fill paper acts as a protective barrier to the items and prevents light damage such as scratches or dents.
  • It provides a more satisfying ‘unboxing’ experience for the receiver, which, in the days of YouTube unboxing videos, is necessary to enhance customer satisfaction and offer opportunities for user-generated marketing content.

Paper Filling Machines

Paper filling machines exist to make the packaging process extremely quick and efficient and are a much better alternative to void-fill packaging by hand. A type of paper void-fill packaging is crumpled paper packaging, which fills up the void spaces in a box. other than paper void fill packaging, products like air pillows, peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, and tissue paper can be used to fill the void.

Paper void fill packaging goes hand in hand with protective paper packaging. The latter is used to wrap items in a protective layer first. After the item is wrapped up and placed in its box, paper, and crumpled bits are used to fill in any spaces around the item. A huge added benefit of opting for paper void fill packaging is that it’s an eco friendly packaging solution. This makes it ideal for the e-commerce industry, especially those businesses that are looking to build a more sustainable brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Void Fill Packaging is a type of packaging material used to fill the empty space in a box or container to prevent movement of the contents during shipping.

Common materials used for Void Fill Packaging include air pillows, foam peanuts, paper, and biodegradable starch.

Void Fill Packaging provides protection for the contents during shipping, reduces the risk of damage, and helps to maintain the shape of the container.

Consider factors such as the type of products being shipped, the desired level of protection, and the impact on the environment when choosing the best Void Fill Packaging for your needs. It is recommended to consult with a packaging specialist for personalized recommendations.

Eco-friendly void fill packaging refers to packaging materials made from sustainable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials used to fill the empty spaces in a shipping box to protect the products during transit.

Examples of eco-friendly void fill packaging materials include recycled paper, biodegradable foam, plant-based materials, and air cushions made from recycled plastic.

Yes, paper void fill packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

Paper void fill packaging should be stored in a dry place, away from moisture and extreme temperatures. It is recommended to keep it in its original packaging until ready for use.

Yes, paper void fill packaging can be used for shipping fragile items. It helps to prevent the items from moving around during transit and reduces the risk of damage.

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