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Take Up the Right Space with Our Paper Void Fill Products

Paper-based void filling products are the most common packaging materials used when protecting shipped products. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, but we can do it better! Distinctive Solutions Inc.’s innovative paper products strike a balance between cushioning the product, reducing extra weight, and preserving material. Our available machines create unique, ready-to-go paper products to keep your products in place while in transit. At our facility, we offer protective paper packaging, protective packaging, paper void fill systems, paper void fill, void fill packaging machines, paper void fill packaging, and void fill solutions.



  • Perfect for Small Shipping Goods – Suitable for filling voids and wrapping products
  • Efficiency – Creates large volume package goods at low weight
  • Small and Powerful – Compact, space-saving design with three different operating modes for on-demand paper cushioning. The PAPERplus® Papillon can supply multiple packing stations at the same time.


  • Heavy Weight Packaging – Robust, tear-resistant, and flexible paper cushioning can securely brace even the heaviest products 
  • Ergonomic Solutions – Semi or fully automated paper packaging machines will improve ergonomics at the packaging station, increase warehouse efficiencies and help minimise costs 
  • Different Paper Types – Adapt two paper types PAPERplus® Standard and PAPERplus® GE, as well as recycled paper

FASFIL® 1500

  • Simple & Cost Effective – Inexpensive single-ply paper packaging void-fill system that requires minimal training and maintenance 
  • Safety First – Ergonomic system that focusses on reducing strain and stress on the operator
  • Versatile & Efficient – Integrates into existing conveyor systems by adjusting height and swivel options
  • Environmental Packaging – All material is 100% recyclable paper and the design allows for less need for packaging