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Reasons To Choose Paper Packaging Over Plastic

Many people are gradually switching from plastic void fill packaging to paper fill packaging. More have realized that paper packaging is more sustainable than plastic void fill packaging. Another significant reason many companies are switching to paper packaging is the new plastic tax to be enforced in 2022. However, the debate between paper versus plastic will remain for a while longer.

Many would argue that void fill paper packaging has some environmental issues despite its benefits. For instance, paper production is water-intensive and could contribute to deforestation. But despite these concerns, plastic poses more threats to the environment than paper. This is why paper void fill packaging is being encouraged in several countries. Some good reasons to use paper fills over plastic include:

  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are trendy
  • They are easy to produce
  • They are sturdier

They Are Eco-Friendly

A good reason to use void fill paper packaging is that paper is biodegradable. It implies that paper bags decompose in soil when exposed to bacterial action. This is a considerable advantage to paper over plastic. They are also highly recyclable, as they don’t contain poisonous gases or toxins that plastic would emit during recycling. Paper is reusable and won’t threaten the environment or sea animals when disposed of.

They Are Trendy

Paper is incredibly trendy/fashionable. Therefore, many upscale and designer brands use paper void fill packaging instead of plastic packaging. Many companies even customize their brand paper fills and give them out as merchandise. This gives customers the impression of luxury and exclusivity. At the same time, it helps to advertise the brand.

They Are Easy To Produce

Paper void fill packaging is not only customizable, but it is also pretty easy and cheap to make. Anyone can learn how to make paper fills, unlike making plastic bags. Making paper fills might not even cost a penny, as one can recycle raw materials from unused paper in the home. For instance, newspapers, unused textbooks, and gift wrappers can be used for making paper fills. To make beautiful paper bags, one would only need a void-fill packaging machine, scissors, glue, and creativity.

They Are Sturdier

Paper and plastic void fill mostly have the same basic design. However, paper fills are sturdier and provide more space for more items. They are also made with durable paper, ensuring there is more space for more items than plastic bags.

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