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Why Void Filling with Paper Is an Economic Solution

The rise of E-Commerce has made void filling your packages more critical to ensure the contents do not move and are protected . Unless your product is very durable and fits perfectly in the shipping box, the contents may end up damaged or broken during transit. You will need protective packaging, cushioning and void fill.

While there are many options when choosing void fill packaging materials, it is best to be economical and choose an effective, affordable option. Many materials can be quite costly, however something less expensive and more common could be equally or more useful for void filling.

Save money with protective paper packaging. Businesses in the area use this material because of the low prices and these benefits:

1. Lightweight cushioning

2. Multi-use for wrapping delicate products and filling extra space

3. Sustainability ( 100% recyclable)

With paper, you can use less than you would of other materials to efficiently cushion products. This inventory can be stored for a long time, so you do not need to pay for restocking frequently. This solution makes filling gaps easy without much effort.

Using paper for your void fill packaging materials can also save time. If you select this option, depending on the size of your facility, you can choose to install paper void fill machines to reduce packaging time.

These machines offer easy, simple access to the lightweight, durable material on-site. They are ergonomic and easy to operate so they will not cause any strain on your team. Dispensing one sheet at a time that is strategically folded and ready for boxing, you will decrease your processing and packing time, thereby increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Find the Right Dispenser to Optimize Efficiency

If you choose reliable paper void fill machines, like the Fasfil 1500, you will have a packaging system that uses inexpensive single ply paper and requires minimal training and maintenance. This machine is versatile and efficient because it can be integrated into existing conveyors by adjusting height and swivel options. This option is one of the best sustainable offers because it uses 100% recyclable paper and is designed to reduce the amount of protective packaging needed.

This machine is flexible so that it can be adjusted to keep pace with the dynamic operation of a packing line depending on the season. It makes paper loading easier and is specifically designed to prevent paper jams.

For the best packaging tools and resources, you need a supplier that will offer the best quality with competitive pricing. Distinctive Solutions offers the best durable and efficient machines to easily process your product. To learn more about our services and products, contact us now.

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