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Why Choose Our Packaging Products in Canada

The Advantages of Choosing Solutions from best Packaging Companies in Canada

We know how important it is to optimize your company’s packing operations, so you can save money. At the same time, you want to provide great value for your clients. Our consultants are experts in custom packaging, biodegradable packaging and eco friendly packaging and have a commitment to maximizing your business’s efficiency. Whether you are having trouble with your workforce, client satisfaction, warehousing, or return rates, we can help you with sustainable packaging solutions.

We provide custom shipping boxes that protect your product and ensure safe arrival at any destination. Our packaging consultants have more than three decades of experience in finding the best solutions, whether that’s packing material, custom packaging boxes or insulated shipping boxes in the GTA and South Western Ontario. With a value analysis, you can decide on the best materials and packaging designs, so you can optimize the expenses of your operations.

Let us help you discover the true costs of your company with a detailed analysis of each step of your process. From the moment you receive the analysis, you can take action. With a value assessment, you can make your packaging process run smoother to improve your efficiency and reduce your company’s costs.

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions in Toronto Area & South Western Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

An assortment of boxes, liners and gel packs are kept in stock. Most orders are customized to fit the specific shipping needs of our customers.

All orders must be confirmed in writing. You may issue a purchase order or provide and email request. We will send a confirmation email advising that your order was received and is being processed. This procedure applies for initial orders and each subsequent reorder.

Minimums are specific to the product being purchased; however, the minimum invoice amount is $500.

All estimates are FOB Distinctive Solutions. Should you require the order to be shipped, we will advise you of the cost. Once you approve the additional cost, we will arrange the shipping and the cost will be added to your invoice.

Our lead times vary depending on the product, specific material and quantity ordered. Most of our products require a two-to-three-week lead time, from the date we receive the order confirmation to the date goods are ready to be shipped.

For shipments outside of Ontario, the added in transit time will depend on your location and the mode of shipping that you choose. Various options will be provided based on your budget.

Stock items can be returned subject to a 25% restocking fee. Custom products cannot be returned.

We use primarily Canadian sources for our products. Some specific custom orders are finished at our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.

Our general terms with new customers are COD unless otherwise negotiated. We accept cheques and EFT payments.

Trust the Packaging Consultants

No two products are the same, and no two packaging and shipping needs are the same, either. Distinctive Solutions Inc. knows the importance of safe and efficient shipping to the overall effectiveness of your business. Our consultants offer a thorough Packaging Value Analysis (PVA) to assess the total costs of your packaging methods. Through this process, we can help you discover where cost and loss of time is affecting you poorly. By identifying where your packaging practices can improve, we can help you customize your process to increase efficiency and production.

We at Distinctive Solutions offer the finest range of packaging operations to reduce costs while still providing the most value for your customers.

We have thirty years of experience in identifying specific packaging needs for numerous industries. Our packaging company in toronto will assess and determine the best packaging products and solutions as well as materials to optimize your operational expenses.

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*Minimum order quantity for insulated box liners is 500.