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High R-Value Insulated Liners

Proper, high-quality liners are integral for high R value insulated packaging. A high R-value is used to describe the performance of these products and their insulating capabilities. A high R score means a material demonstrates superior thermal resistance. This property is described precisely with the measurement (m²·K)/W or squared meters-Kelvin per Watt. As the thickness of a material increases, so does the R-value. We offer unique environmentally sustainable packaging solutions for businesses in Canada.

Conversely, as a material increases in thermal conductivity, the R-value decreases. Therefore, shipping products intended to protect perishable goods should have a high R-value. In other words, the material needs to efficiently prevent the transfer of external heat energy to the inside contents of a transported container.

Insu R-Liner is a multi-layered, laminated poly bubble material filled with insulating gas, a metallic reflective outer layer which provides very high thermal resistance (R value).

  • Two piece set custom cut to fit all 6 panels of any size box
  • Custom thickness and lengths to meet specific shipping window criteria
  • Certified R-value R10.6 per inch
  • Prevents up to 99.5% of Radiant heat transfer
  • Nontoxic and no off gases
  • Made with Recyclable Sustainable materials
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Samples and Pricing available upon request
Insulated liners

Performance as Packing Material

Heat-resistant packaging requires dependable, insulated lining. Heat is the number one environmental risk factor for transporting sensitive goods. As such, insulating materials and shipping methods are needed to prevent any damage from happening, even from a couple of hours of heat exposure. If shipping products equipped with high R-value liners are not correctly used, medical supplies like vaccines, for instance, can be rendered ineffective because of temperature changes. Similarly, biological materials transported for medical establishments, like blood samples and donated blood, must be handled with much care regarding maintaining correct temperature levels. Otherwise, these sensitive materials can be rendered unusable or even toxic for human use. Perishable food products, like poultry, vegetables, and dairy products, must all be kept cold to avoid ripening and bacterial contamination. Even cut flowers must be kept cool properly using insulated packaging and liners to maintain their appearance and prevent wilting. It is important to note, though, that the optimal temperatures for all of these materials vary and must be transported strategically and separately if need be. Some tropical fruits, for instance, are susceptible to freezer burn at a temperature that would not be cold enough for other foods.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

High R-value products can be made into more sustainable packaging solutions for companies in Southwestern Ontario and the GTA. This is made possible through the usage of materials from sustainable sources, designing packaging to optimize and avoid excess material, and by enabling post-consumer recycling and composting, depending on the material. There are plastic liners and packing foams on the market, for example, made from biodegradable substances like starch-based polylactic acid. Another clever lining insulation alternative is natural sheep’s wool, which is fantastic at absorbing excess air moisture. Along this vein, TempGuard liners, which are made entirely of both heavy-duty papers and paper fibres, are completely recyclable and biodegradable.

Assembly Instructions

By following the illustration, you can easily assemble the insulated box liners in Canada. Fold Panel A along the backside and bottom of the box. Then, fold Panel B along the front and sides of your box. The edge will be on the top of Panel A on the bottom.

Make sure the panels press securely along the edges of the box and that there are no gaps. Now, place the items inside the box. Finally, fold Panel A’s top over the box

Our AB box liner doesn’t take up much space in your warehouse and comes as two custom die-cut pieces to transform the ordinary boxes into an shipping insulated boxes for frozen food. The FDA has approved the gusseted liner for accidental contact of food, and it resists leaks well.

Insulated Box Liners
AB Liners

Frequently Asked Questions

The R-value of High R-Value Insulated Liners varies based on the product and material used, but typically ranges from R-6 to R-15.

High R-Value Insulated Liners are designed to improve the thermal performance of a building by reducing heat transfer and energy loss. They work by creating a barrier between the interior and exterior of the building, which helps to retain heat in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer.

Yes, many High R-Value Insulated Liners are fire-resistant, but this will vary based on the product. It is important to check the fire resistance rating of the product before making a purchase.

Yes, many High R-Value Insulated Liners are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paper or plant-based materials. These products are often free of harmful chemicals and have a low carbon footprint.

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*Minimum order quantity for insulated box liners is 500.