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Send Your Packages Floating on Air with Innovative Inflatable Products

From inflatable bubble to more complex inflatable technology, there is a cost efficient, space-saving, and environmental packaging solution to your damage prevention problems. Inflatable air-chamber packaging offers superior protection and act as an effective shock absorber for products in transit. High value items, like laptops, tablets, and so much more will not risk breakage with these protective methods. Send your products out on a cushion of air! Choose us when you need inflatable packaging, inflatable air cushioning, inflatable protective packaging, and air cushioning packaging.

Designed with functional innovation in mind, in the unlikely event that one of your inflatable air-chambers happen to deflate then all others will remain inflated to provide constant protection.

Inflatable products stay flat, rolled up, and out of the way until you need them. By using exact amounts as you need them you won’t waste any packaging product unnecessarily. A single standard pallet of inflatable packaging is comparable to a full truckload of foam or bubble wrap. Reduce your storage, transportation, and packaging costs in one easy decision.

On top of everything, all inflatable materials are also recyclable, so you can feel better about not sending more waste to your customers. Our available products are BPA free, ROHS compliant, and produce absolutely no landfill. Reduce your carbon footprint while increasing your peace of mind.



  • Custom Packaging – Produces inflatables at custom shapes and patterns to perfect the packaging process
  • Saves Warehouse Space – Compact machine only takes up 5.5 square feet
  • Improves Efficiency – Creates 90 feet per minute of inflatable packaging materials, reduces excess material by 50%, and allows for less packaging material per package
  • Versatile – Creates 6 different products to truly allow for compatible customization, no matter the size or dimension of the package
  • Reliable Materials – All machines are manufactured to extend part life by 2-5x

Fill-Air® Rocket

  • Saves Warehouse Space – Compact footprint is ideal for tabletop placement at a pack station
    Easy to Use – The system is ready to use straight from the carton – simply plug in and load the film to begin. No shop air is required!
  • Versatile – Use on demand in decentralized tabletop environments or online for increased efficiency
  • Responsible Packaging – Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact.
  • Film Offering – Available in four different widths with the option of two film lengths, creating eight possible cushion sizes.

Custom Air-Chamber Packaging

  • Created Specifically For You – Custom inflatable packaging designed around your particular product 
  • Options For Efficiency – 30 stock sizes of air chambers for clients are also available to choose from
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Packaging – Custom inflatables saves space and materials, making wasteful foam a thing of the past
  • Productivity Increase – Reduce overall shipping, warehousing, and labour costs


  • Speeds Up Your Packaging Process – Unique foam expands in seconds to form protective cushions, significantly improving productivity.t
  • Makes Packaging Your Products Easy – Economically and efficiently protects products of any size, shape and weight.
  • Versatile – Useful for precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing
  • Protects Your Products – Foam protects your products during shipping, warehousing and handling.
  • Saves You Warehouse Space – Expands up to 200 times its liquid volume reducing the costs of storage and handling.