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Benefits Of Using Inflatable Bubble Wrap

As technology progresses, more effective solutions for packing goods are rolled out. Your businesses must adapt to these changes to accommodate the increase in customers buying more of their products online. If your business is shipping products to customers worldwide, you must invest in more effective systems and electronics packaging solutions.

In addition to electronics packaging solutions, there are now bubble wraps that can be inflated on demand, providing your businesses with many options. These inflatable cushioning solutions take up less space, offer more protection, and are cost-effective

Space Saver

Stocking inventory of standard bubble wrap in your warehouse, while convenient, takes up a lot of space. It is lightweight, affordable and effective, however, using your valuable warehouse space to store what is practically air is not using your warehouse space to its full capacity.

When you invest in air cushion protective packaging, which you inflate only as needed, you save an incredible amount of space. The inflatable cushioning remains flat like a sheet of plastic, making the rolls much denser, which means that you can store more protective material in much less space.

Heightened Protection

If you are worried about inflatable cushioning being less effective than traditional bubble wraps, think again. Electronics packaging solutions that you inflate yourself can offer around 30% more protection than traditional protective packing materials.

As protecting your goods is fundamental to your operations and ensures customer satisfaction and continued profits, you should be trying to adopt the best equipment and supplies into your daily operations so that your entire business becomes more successful.


All businesses, even very successful ones, are always looking for ways to improve profits. If you are spending money on ineffective equipment and supplies, when there are better solutions available, you need to reassess your operations. Air cushion protective packaging is a cost-effective solution because it takes up much less space.

When you order your flats or rolls of inflatable cushioning, you do not have to spend money on extra freight . Not only does this save your business from spending money on shipping air, it also decreases your carbon footprint and makes your business more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for electronics packaging solutions, you need to be working with Distinctive Solutions. Our bubble wrap products, which you inflate when needed, can help you save money and space while boosting protection.

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