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Packaging Consultants: Packaging Value Analysis

Founded in 2010, Distinctive Solutions Inc.’s ultimate goal is to work in the best interests of our customers. That’s the reason Distinctive is rarely single source on any of the products or systems offered. This broker mentality allows us to match your requirements to the best suited options in the market. Our consultation services will help identify areas of improvement to lower costs and maximize overall efficiency. Call us today to start your analysis!


Our company understands the importance of optimizing your packaging operations to reduce costs while still providing the most value for your customers. Our expert packaging consultants are committed to maximizing your efficiencies across the boards, from warehousing and workforce to return rates and customer satisfaction.

Distinctive consultants have over 30 years of experience in identifying specific packaging needs for many different industries. Our value analysis will help determine the best packaging design and materials to optimize your operational expenses.

We can help you uncover the hidden true costs of your operation by providing a detailed analysis that is actionable from the moment it is delivered. This value assessment enables a smooth-running packaging process that can reduce costs while improving efficiency.

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*Minimum order quantity for insulated box liners is 500.