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Insulated lining is a must for the safe and secure transportation of temperature-sensitive goods and materials. The heat transfer barriers formed by insulating materials and substances allow for a stable environment. This ensures products like subscription meal kits and pharmaceutical merchandise arrive at their destinations in good condition, whether a personal residence or a professional medical complex.

TempGuard insulated liners are one excellent tool proven to ensure such safe transport. Environmentally friendly and lightweight, the liners are also compliant with the regulations and standards of industry giant CIFA. This means they are guaranteed to maintain temperature properly, as proven by the experts at CIFA.

Environmentally Sound

TempGuard liner products are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which can be said for many materials used in industry. Constructed from durable, heavy-duty paper and recycled paper fibres, these liners provide a smart cold chain transport option. When used with gel cooling packs or other refrigerants during temperature-controlled shipping, items can maintain the proper temperature for up to 48 hours. Other materials popular for temperature-controlled packaging all have their advantages. However, products like metallized bubble liners and polystyrene plastic foam are not always recyclability and are not biodegradable.

Reduced Bulk

Apart from the reduced ability to recycle, materials like polystyrene/styrofoam boxes and products can be cumbersome for shippers and customers. TempGuard thermal insulated liners are very compact and take up minimal space. Yet, they still provide superb insulation and protection when used properly. As their paper make-up is flexible, the liners, like cellulose fibre liners, can easily adjust to fit various content shapes and sizes. This can then provide the opportunity for smaller packages taking up less space, reducing weight and shipping costs.

The Function

TempGuard liners are available in ½” and 1” thickness depending on consumer needs, from transporting perishable specialty frozen foods to fresh flower bouquets. The liners come in five standard sizes. For effective development of construction, thermal modelling is expertly utilized. During the modelling method, a 3D computer simulates a given setting to predict how temperature will behave and vary. This allows for specialized thermal protection and performance. These liners can also absorb excess moisture, in turn avoiding condensation buildup on transported goods. Through all of this, the liners also protect by cushioning during the jostling movements of transit.

Assembly Instructions

By following the illustration, you can easily assemble the insulated box liners in Canada. Fold Panel A along the backside and bottom of the box. Then, fold Panel B along the front and sides of your box. The edge will be on the top of Panel A on the bottom.

Make sure the panels press securely along the edges of the box and that there are no gaps. Now, place the items inside the box. Finally, fold Panel A’s top over the box

Our AB box liner doesn’t take up much space in your warehouse and comes as two custom die-cut pieces to transform the ordinary boxes into an shipping insulated boxes for frozen food. The FDA has approved the gusseted liner for accidental contact of food, and it resists leaks well.

Insulated Box Liners
AB Liners

Frequently Asked Questions

A temperature tempguard liner is a product designed to protect food products during transportation and storage by maintaining optimal temperature levels.

Temperature tempguard liners are usually made of a combination of materials such as foil, polyethylene, and foam to provide insulation and retain heat.

Yes, temperature tempguard liners can be used in both refrigerated and frozen environments to maintain the desired temperature range.

The lifespan of a temperature tempguard liner depends on usage, storage, and handling.

Yes, temperature tempguard liners are designed to fit various types of boxes.

The temperature range that temperature tempguard liners can maintain varies based on the type of liner, but they are typically designed to maintain temperatures between -20°C to + 20°C.

Yes, tempguard liners are safe for food storage and are certified food-grade.

The exact length of time will vary depending on the external temperature, transit times, refrigerant used and the volume of food or drink, but tempguard liners are designed to keep food and drinks at the desired temperature for several hours.

Yes, tempguard liners can be easily cleaned and reused. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth .

Tempguard liners can be stored flat . It is recommended to store them in a cool, dry place.

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*Minimum order quantity for insulated box liners is 500.