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How the Agro-Food Industry is Killing it By Blending Branding into Packaging

A recent buyer report analyzing the growth of the packaging industry in Canada expects the sector to experience positive growth through 2021 and beyond. This growth is good news for many as both the e-commerce and consumer goods industries are experiencing an increasing transition to online sales—with an obvious disruptor being the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues of the last year and a half.

For Packaging companies in Toronto serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario, using the correct packaging solutions has been an excellent implementation for industries like Agro-Food. By using high-quality, sustainable packaging products that can also be designed to feature company branding, a wide range of direct-to-consumer markets can begin to reap the benefits of e-commerce.

Packaging Solutions in Ontario

It is common knowledge that the Agro-Food market is very strong in Canada, especially Ontario. The Southwestern region, for example, offers plenty of produce for companies to take advantage of. Similarly, the advent of meal delivery services like Good Food and Hello Fresh are increasing the demand for local, sustainable Agro-Food delivery. Packaging companies in Toronto serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario can help accelerate this industry growth by applying better branding practices.

Promotional packaging is once again going through a transformation as it adopts a more pro-marketing approach. New e-commerce businesses, for instance, are adopting the trend of fancy, branded packaging as it continues to improve customer experience and sales numbers. These innovative advertising-packaging hybrids also have a reduced environmental impact as they are made from highly recyclable materials.

Packaging Solutions

Some staple items can easily incorporate branding when it comes to the types of products being used successfully within Agro-Food and other thriving industries for product shipping. They include:

Custom Product Packaging: Thanks to developments in printing and graphic technology, individual products can be protected in beautifully designed packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated boxes are one of the original forms of delivering packages around the globe. After ignoring their branding potential for decades, companies are now very successfully beginning to incorporate them for marketing purposes, using custom printed boxes

Padded Mailers, Bags, and Envelopes: The material used for mailers, larger envelopes, and bags are highly variable and allow for a variety of different graphic design strategies. As the development of sustainable packaging continues, these packaging solutions also enable businesses to improve their environmental footprint.

For more information about how your packaging companies in Toronto serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario can start providing more value to your clients, check out Distinctive Solutions today!

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