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How to Make Your Packaging More Sustainable

Over the past few decades, consumer behaviour is increasingly trending towards the support of companies actively contributing to the fight against climate change. Market phenomena like the rise of e-commerce and drop-shipping, developments in creative packaging, and, most recently, the drastic increase in single-use plastics thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic are all potential contributors to an elevated environmental impact. If companies are going to follow through on their pledge for sustainable operations, they need to invest in innovative packaging solutions.

Selecting Sustainable Packaging Solutions in Southern Ontario

Although it may seem simple at the surface, finding packaging companies in Toronto and across the province is difficult. Companies occasionally use terms like “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and “low footprint” as marketing words without full knowledge of whether the shipping products they use even qualify. In addition to contributing to the global sustainability crisis, this is also a public relations faux-pas that can negatively impact the bottom line.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your company is using more environmentally-friendly shipping solutions:

    1. Research Product Lifecycle: It can be difficult to keep track of all the chemicals and materials that go into packaging solutions, but by familiarizing yourself with the derivation, treatment, and recycling of these products, you can make more informed shipping supply decisions.
    2. Select Sustainable Materials: Once you’re more familiar with the materials commonly used for shipping your products it becomes much easier for you to identify companies that offer sustainable options.
    3. Sizing Matters: An easy way to reduce waste is by selecting packaging products that are comparable to the size of your product itself. Bulky packaging not only increases the likelihood of scuffing and damage, but it’s also incredibly wasteful.
    4. Multipurpose Packaging: Whether you select a shipping solution that is returnable or package your products in material that has another purpose for the customer, you greatly reduce the amount of product that ends up in a landfill.
    5. Offer Bulk Products and Packages: When customers order multiple items in the same order, it reduces the number of individual shipping products that need to be used. Consider offering multi-item packages to promote sustainability and increase profits!
    6. Avoid Unnecessary Extras: Branded packaging and filler may seem good from a marketing perspective, but it’s working against your sustainability initiative. Dial it down to as few shipping products as possible and focus on making their branding perfect instead!

If you have any more questions about sustainable packaging solutions in Southwestern Ontario or want to make your deliveries eco-friendlier today, reach out to the experts at Distinctive Solutions!

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