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Importance of Testing E-Commerce Packaging to Decrease Shipping Hazards

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the rise of online sales and the specialized role of E-Commerce packaging has become even more important. Your packaging presents your product to your customer but also must protect your shipment from any hazards of its journey. Some business owners put a lot of faith in a third-party delivery service handling their products, to ensure they’re brought to the final destination fully intact. Without proper package cushioning or materials to seal products from leak prevention, certain items could be damaged during the shipping process.

Customer satisfaction and future orders could be affected if products aren’t securely packaged. It would help if you considered the package’s hazard exposure before it reaches retailers, consumers or clients. Therefore, you need to invest in tested and effective e commerce ready packaging for the products to endure the shipping and delivery stage.

1. Chain-Mapping

To conduct tests and develop e-commerce ready packaging, you need to trace the entire journey, from start to finish, that the package will be following so you can determine the conditions that could impact it. Determine how many touch points are involved (manufacturing, warehouse stacking and storage, distribution, shipping, transit and delivery). Review the companies involved in the shipping and delivery plus investigate possible hazards around their facilities or their reputation for handling, so you can determine the risks of damage that your e-commerce package may face.

2. Hazard Simulations

With your awareness of what conditions may affect the packaging, you can simulate the hazards and determine the damage they may cause. Conducting tests where packages are exposed to rough handling, leaks or wet conditions, extremely cold or warm temperatures, you can determine the packaging resources you need to ensure the products remain intact during their travels.

3. Effective Protective Packaging Tools

To keep the package safe, use protective materials. Air cushion protective packaging is among the best solutions for filling voids in packages to avoid rattling or movement within the box or envelope.

Inflatable air cushion packaging helps protect fragile or vulnerable products from damage while in transit. Materials like bubble wrap, custom air-chamber packaging, and other air cushion protective packaging will absorb any shock if dropped, tossed, or piled among other packages while being shipped and delivered. They’re effective for technology shipments or other expensive valuables. The high-tech plastic technology and air pillows will keep them dry from wet conditions and cushioned in case of colliding with other packages.

Maintain Positive E-Commerce Client Relationships

To establish a strong relationship with your e-commerce clients, you need to keep their products safe when packaging. Make your clients happy and contact Distinctive Solutions for our e-commerce ready packaging.

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