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Keeping Your Perishable Products Safe with Biodegradable Insulated Packaging

In the same way that people have to make a good first impression, so does packaging. Not only does packaging keep contents secure, it’s often the main point of contact between company and customer. In our rapidly changing world, what’s on the outside is as important as what’s on the inside. Enter sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly insulated shipping boxes will ensure your items arrive safely while reducing your carbon footprint.

The Impacts of Eco-Packaging on Buying Habits

Consumer behavior looks at the social, psychological, and economical factors that motivate consumers. The average consumer considers 5 things before making a purchase:

1. What they need

2. How the product is marketed

3. Comparison of different options

4. Final decision

5. How they feel after their purchase afterwards

Taking all these factors into account, it’s clear that promoting eco-friendly insulated packaging supplies gives companies a competitive edge.

Raising Consumer Awareness

Studies suggest that demographics play less of a role in people’s buying habits than social and psychological factors. If educated about the environmental impact of sustainable packaging, most would choose to invest in sustainable insulated shipping boxes and insulated packaging to keep their products safe and their conscience clear.

Once a customer has invested in environmentally-friendly packaging, a savvy company will ensure that they are happy with their purchase by following up and offering warranties, exchanges and refunds when appropriate.


One way to educate the customer is through eco-labeling. When applied to the outside of a package, eco-labels tell the consumer that the packaging that’s protecting their goods has a low carbon footprint. This sends the message that the company they have just supported is both socially and environmentally aware. With several countries passing laws around sustainable packaging, the future of the packaging industry is green. While customers generally have to pay more for sustainable packaging, global competition will eventually force companies to reduce their costs and make green packaging a no-brainer.

Arming customers with information about the reality of packaging waste and the toll it takes on the environment makes good business sense and gives companies a competitive edge. Bottom line: most buyers want to do the right thing. Paying a bit more for insulated packaging supplies is money well spent.

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