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Come to Distinctive Solutions when you are in need of an array of cold chain products in Ontario. We take pride in offering an array of products including foam corners for shipping, gel packs for cold chain shipments, insulated shipping containers, Styrofoam coolers, biodegradable shipping coolers, biodegradable insulated shipping containers, bubble foil insulation, EPS coolers, and foam coolers for packaging products.

Polystyrene containers are available in stock size as well as customized sizing for both food and pharmaceutical application. Ice gel packs of 6oz8oz12oz16oz, and 32oz are also available.



InsulTote is a full line of highly reflective metalized foil bubble wrap products used to protect items in transit. Our thermal shipping supplies provide benefits more than other types of materials like Styrofoam insulated shipping box and corrugated cardboard.


InsulTote thermal products allow you to ship temperature-sensitive products such as food, chocolate, fruits, vegetables and medical supplies. We supply insulated packaging items like shipping bags, shipping box liners, pallet covers and more. We pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Facts About InsulTote Insulated Packaging Supplies

  • It is made of reflective insulation that prevents heat intrusion or loss and reduces damage to temperature-sensitive products
  • Minimizes material, freight and warehousing costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in various styles and sizes
  • Known for customized solutions

TempGuard Curbside Recyclable Insulated Liner:

  • Insulated liners were tested to pass CIFA standards to ensure contents maintained proper temperatures. Estimated shipping time is between 24-48 hours.
  • Works with refrigerants ranging from gel packs to phase change materials.
  • Liners are made from heavy duty kraft paper and paper fibers, providing consumers with, an environmentally sound, easily disposable, 100% recyclable solution
  • Material flexibility allows for conforming to contents, which equates to smaller external cartons and reduced shipping costs.
  • Padded box liners cushion items and minimize damage during handling and transit.
  • Four standard box liner sizes fit corrugated cartons #10, #12, #14 and #16