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Prevention Is More Cost-Effective Than Damage Replacement in the Packaging Industry

The big-ticket costs for large retailers across the globe are generally thought to be theft and retail shrinkage. While these certainly are costly events, damaged goods also represent a massive barrier to maximizing profits. Considering the large size of the rapidly growing e-commerce segment, this industry which relies almost exclusively on shipping will need to reduce the pervasive expense of damages to products during the shipping process.

Electronics packaging solutions, inflatable packaging material, and other forms of e-commerce ready solutions, therefore, are an increasingly important tool for online retailers to include in their business model. Otherwise, they risk letting unnecessary waste diminish the amount of profit gained—not to mention the downstream effects of a horrible customer or client experience.

In addition to the financial benefits, these e-commerce reading packaging solutions prevent the negative environmental effects of waste and are themselves recyclable. Here’s how they can make your shipping business more cost-effective.

Cost-Effective Ecommerce Packaging: Replacement vs. Prevention

As a shipping business, there are two significant ways of reducing associated shipping costs: accepting damage and replacing products or preventing damage in the first place through packaging solutions. Each one offers a series of benefits to the business and consumer, but one is more cost-effective.

Damage Replacement

In this option, businesses replace the initially damaged product with another by quickly resending the same package. Resending bodes well for trying to reverse the terrible customer experience but is both expensive for the business owner and has a negative environmental impact.

Damage Prevention: E-Commerce Ready Packaging

By implementing new and additional packaging for products, businesses can cut the costs associated with shipping by eliminating damaged products and returns. Two of the most popular solutions are electronics packaging solutions and inflatable packaging materials.

Electronics Packaging Solutions: Made from a variety of different materials, including recyclable compounds, electronics products can be stored in specialized packaging containers. These helps to prevent impact damage and other imperfections.

Inflatable Packaging Material: From bubble wrap to packaging paper to foam inserts, there are inflatable packaging materials that fit between your delivery product and its shipping box – and help reduce the damage done by impact.

At the end of the day, the process of investing in e-commerce ready packaging solutions is much more efficient than replacing damaged products. E-commerce ready packaging solutions help customers and clients feel more satisfied, while also reducing cost for businesses with extensive shipping needs. For more information about how packaging solutions can streamline your delivery operations, Check out this article from our experts at Distinctive Solutions today!

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