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Which Properties of Bubble Foil Insulation Make It Ideal for Cold Chain Packaging?

Bubble foil insulation is an ideal choice for cold chain packaging because it guards against radiant heat transfer. You’ll recognize bubble foil as the shiny aluminized surface that lines insulated shipping boxes and keeps products at the recommended optimum temperature during transit.

How Does Bubble Foil Protect Items?

Bubble foil protects products in 2 ways:

It effectively reflects up to 95% of all longwave radiant heat that it comes into contact with.

Bubble wrap foil insulation reradiates a mere 5% of heat when in close contact with items of the same temperature. On the other hand, most everyday building materials have a reradiation rate of 90% when placed in the same proximity.

An Efficient Performance

When used to line Insulated Shipping boxes and other insulated packaging supplies, bubble foil insulation effectively blocks 3 types of heat flow:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

In addition, bubble wrap foil creates a successful buffer against moisture, air currents, vapors and repels mold and fungus.

An Intuitive Product

The convenience of Bubble wrap is in its ease of use. This product is lightweight and compact but pliable at the same time. It is also available in convenient custom sizes to fit any shipping carton.

Furthermore, bubble wrap is puncture-resistant and impervious to tears and cracking. Better yet, it is easy to install and adapts well to unusual shapes.

Cold temperature sealing tape can also provide an additional protective layer for your products. Its unique composition means it can maintain its grip in a variety of temperatures, including cold and damp areas as well as room temperature. This tape offers even more peace of mind.

A Safe And Environmentally Friendly Product

Bubble foil insulation has an excellent track record for being a safe product and does not pose a health risk. Insulated Shipping Boxes are non-toxic and fire-retardant, falling under the Class A/Class 1 category in regard to flame and smoke spread.

This product benefits workers because no protective mask or garments are required to either handle it or install it. And this type of insulation is constructed of 20% recycled plastic, giving it an A+ when it comes to environmentally friendliness.

An Economical Cold-Chain Packaging Solution

Insulated Shipping Boxes are a cost-efficient solution for a wide array of consumer applications. They are also extremely effective for use in the industrial and manufacturing arenas.

The main reason for this is they have a much lower price point than traditional insulation, coming in at about half the cost.

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