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Why Air Cushion Is the Best Electronic Packaging Solution—Even for the Environment

With sustainability an ever-pressing issue, companies are always looking for an environmentally-friendly way to ship their products. That’s where air cushions come in.

What Are Air Cushions?

Air cushions are designed to void-fill your shipments and protect them quickly and efficiently. They are the perfect electronics packaging solutions in the GTA. Because inflatable air cushion packaging is so flexible, it does double-duty as void-fill and as a cushioning agent. The beauty of this product is that you can produce as much void as you need, and it takes up far less space than peanuts or foam.

Distinctive Features of Air Cushion Packaging

Air cushion packaging enjoys a number of unique features:

1. It offers product protection.

2. It helps you save space.

3. It’s extremely cost-effective when compared to other forms of packaging.

4. It’s user-friendly and has perforated tear-off seams.

5. It’s recyclable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Where Can Air Cushion Packaging Be Used?

Air cushion packaging is truly e-commerce-ready packaging. It’s an economical solution for any number of businesses, including warehouses, printing supply companies, the automotive industry, and food and other perishable goods, to name a few. On top of that, it’s one of the #1 electronics packaging solutions in the GTA. Air cushioning is truly a sustainable solution for our planet.

What Are Air Cushions Made Of?

There’s a reason air cushions are as light as air: they’re 99% air! The remaining 1% is PE film, which has a cushioning effect far superior to traditional void-fill. This e-commerce ready packaging uses minimal materials to fill gaps in parcels and cuts down on needless packaging waste. This innovative filler can stand up to at least 60kg of pressure.
This explains why it performs so well when faced with the many hazards of shipping, including violent sorting and extrusions along the way. On top of that, the air cushion’s coils mean they can be easily stored to save space.

How To Recycle Air Cushions

While air cushions are recyclable, they aren’t biodegradable. And though it’s optimal to reuse them if possible, this isn’t always realistic. In these cases, you’ll need to dispose of your packaging— just not in the trash. Nor can they be added to your curbside recycling bin because the plastic film can get entangled in recycling machinery and cause damage.

Instead, you’ll want to consult the Plastic Film Recycling Drop-Off Directory. This directory provides locations where you can recycle your air cushions along with many other types of plastic film. These recyclers play an important role in sustainability by keeping plastic out of landfills.

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