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Why are Businesses Going Green with Packaging?

Our daily lives include packaging in one way or another, and it has an impact on our survival necessities. The problem grows, though, for brands. Packaging has the power to arouse a variety of emotions in buyers. These can include worries regarding reliability, sustainability, or other factors. All of these assist customers in retaining your business in their minds.

Since the development of e-commerce, consumers have become more instinctively aware of the companies they support and their ecological consequences. Only around 16%, or less than one-fifth, of the discarded plastic produced worldwide, is salvaged or repurposed, with plastic packaging accounting for half of this waste. In light of the present global crisis, minor improvements like switching to biodegradable packaging companies in Canada can significantly influence a business.

Significance of Sustainable Packaging

Packaging that uses sustainable materials is a commodity itself, with over 78% of U.S. customers more than willing to purchase an item that is explicitly marked as “environmentally friendly.” Sustainable packaging lowers waste production, packaging material use, and carbon footprint. Additionally, its lucrative benefits and allure to businesses and consumers are quickly gaining ground.

A product’s packaging aids its safe transportation and distribution from the market to the customer. Once it has served its purpose, most packaging contributes to more than two billion tons of municipal solid garbage every year.

Efficiently managing waste is difficult, particularly in developing and growing economies. However, the root cause can be solved at the same time as other related problems, including large-scale problems such as biodiversity loss, air, water, and soil pollution, as well as quickly shifting climates.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

The core of sustainable packaging is recuperating packaging materials through commercially feasible, closed-loop solutions in a circular economy. Sustainable packaging suppliers in Toronto are finding, creating, and utilizing packaging options with a negligible influence on the environment.

These packages should preferably be made of ecological, non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic materials using renewable energy sources from manufacturing to recycling and reuse.

The emphasis is on effective recycling or reusing if polymers cannot be substituted. Early in the packaging process, standards for effectiveness and security are established and incorporated. Reducing, reusing, and recycling should be the final step in a package’s life span.

These elements help companies, producers, and industries minimize their environmental impact and foster progressively supportive customer reactions.

Why Choose Sustainability?

Following are a few advantages of using sustainable materials:

  • It is quickly compostable and readily disposed of, lowering its carbon footprint.
  • It is versatile and adaptable packaging increases storage capacity as well.
  • The product benefits economies, consumers, and the environment throughout its life cycle.
  • It is free of allergies, poisons, and hazardous polymers.
  • It lowers the cost of shipment.
  • It reduces resource use and aids in increasing brand loyalty, consumer advocacy, and sales.

Looking for a packaging company in Canada that offers the highest quality sustainable materials? Distinctive Solutions is here to assist you with all your packaging needs. Contact us today or visit our website for more details.

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