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4 Qualities to Look For With Cold Shipment Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has created changes and challenges to global shipping, many of which will have permanent implications. One of the most overlooked changes has been the increased reliance on cold chain packaging solutions for shipping medications, vaccines, lab samples, and other temperature-sensitive products.

Traditionally, temperature-controlled shipping boxes and insulated bubble wrap solutions have been used in the medical transportation field and for food transportation. With increased demand also comes an increased pressure to find sustainable solutions for cold chain packaging needs and other ways for companies to distinguish their brand.

Here are four exciting innovations to look for in your cold chain packaging solution needs.


Environmental sustainability is a significant consideration in any industry, but perhaps none so much as packaging. Consumers want more sustainable solutions, and many clients are pledging to reach bold new sustainability targets.

Many of these solutions already on the market either do not perform as well, are cost-prohibitive, or are not as sustainable as they purport to be. However, recyclable paper insulated liners, such as TempGuard from Sealed Air ®, are one hundred percent recyclable and budget friendly. Paper insulation is ideal for temperature-controlled shipping boxes and other cold chain packaging solutions for various reasons, including:

  • Flexible material, allowing it to adapt to different shapes and sizes.
  • Easy scalability to different box sizes.
  • Biodegradable cushioning, keeping products safe.


Environmental factors have affected travel costs, delayed manufacturing as demand increases coupled with labor shortages. In addition, the price of oil has also made shipping more expensive.

One way to decrease costs is by reducing the weight of the shipment. Temperature-controlled shipping boxes using customized metallized bubble liners in conjunction with frozen gel packs can turn a regular cardboard box into a lightweight cooler.

Cold chain packaging solutions need to be effective at maintaining the specific temperature range of the product while in transit, easily stored while in the warehouse, and cost-effective enough to minimize increasing costs.

Shipping Delays

Temperature-controlled cold chain packaging solutions are increasingly relied upon as materials are backlogged in transit. Some products are specifically designed to maintain consistent temperatures, working with humidity and moisture while ensuring no odor transfer. These products ensure that disruptive factors causing shipping delays and interruptions will not impact the end consumer.


Especially for direct to consumer products, first appearances are extremely important . You need to put your best foot forward. Metallize thermal bubble pouches come in various colors, are cost-effective, and offer a branding surface for your logo.

Distinctive Solutions offers a variety of cold chain shipping products to meet all of these needs. Whether your shipments are pharmaceutical, seafood, meat, gourmet foods, baked goods, or dairy, including ice cream, milk, and cheese, Distinctive Solutions has a shipping product for you.

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