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Different Kinds of Cold Chain Solutions for Perishable Products

The demand for medical supplies and food is rapidly increasing across the globe with the increase in population. This has also increased the need for storage facilities and cold supply chains to transport products to people with ease and effectiveness. Luckily, many cold chain solutions are available for perishable and sensitive products, from bubble foil insulation to thermally insulated boxes. This blog talks about them in further detail:

Best Cold Chain Solutions for Perishable Products

Supply chain management faces various challenges. Long-distance transportation can be a huge challenge, from maintaining perishable and sensitive goods in excellent condition to transporting them to the customers in the best condition possible. Luckily, with advancements in technology, many solutions aim to resolve such problems. Some of those are as follows:

Bubble Foil Insulation Roll Wrap

Bubble foil insulation is quite effective in reflecting heat, which is why it can be placed on radiant floors or in between wall cracks to preserve indoor temperature. Bubble foil wraps are also quite effective in controlling heat while simultaneously providing cushioning to the products. Plus, foil roll is also available in various sizes and shapes to fit all sizes of products.

Metallic Foil Bubble Mailers

Metallic foil bubble mailers are eco-friendly for cold shipping boxes and storage solutions. These mailers come with heavy-duty metalized bubbles that protect the products from heat transfer. The bubbles also provide cushioning support, whereas the foil offers heat protection. Moreover, bubble envelopes come with self-adhesive strips, creating an airtight seal between the products and the box.

Insulated Foil Bubble Box Liners

Insulated foil bubble box liners are appropriate for cold shipping packaging because they include at least one layer of reflective foil to deflect heat. The liner also consists of poly bubbles, keeping the product free from conductive heat. Plus, box liners are relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions. Like other packaging solutions, these liners can also have adhesive stripes so that the product can be appropriately secured.

Ice Packs

An ice pack is a latex-free and non-toxic packaging solution, particularly useful for pharmaceutical and perishable products. These packs are an excellent alternative to dry ice for shorter storage/transportation windows.

Insulated Shipping Box

Insulated shipping boxes are also helpful for temperature-controlled products. These boxes are made using expanded polystyrene and come with a fitting lid. They also come in various designs, thicknesses, and sizes to fit different applications.

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