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How Can Void Fill Resolve the Most Common Problems When Packing Boxes?

When moving homes, shipping products, sending out deliveries, or engaging in other packaging activities can make things complicated. One common problem people face when choosing their packing boxes is that they often don’t have the right-sized box. Items can get damaged while in transit if not properly packaged. Therefore, it is important to ensure that items in transit are well-protected and stay safe during transit, especially if they are fragile. Using eco-friendly void-fill packaging is an effective solution to solve common problems that arise during packing and shipping.

How Void Fill Helps Resolve the Most Common Packaging Problems

Void fill can help resolve the most common packaging problems in several ways. Some of the most common ways eco-friendly void-fill packaging can help solve packaging issues include:

  • Reducing Damage from Movement and Shifting
  • Maximizing Space Utilization
  • Preventing Against Theft and Losses

Reducing Damage from Movement and Shifting

If items are not secured properly within the box, they can move around during transit and collide, resulting in damage. Void fill material, such as air pillows or bubble wrap, provides cushioning between items while they are stored in the box. This helps reduce the impact of movement or shifting by providing extra support between objects. This is especially beneficial for fragile items like glassware or electronics, which require more protection than other items.

Maximizing Space Utilization

Paper void-fill packaging also helps to maximize space utilization within the box. If you have an oddly shaped item that needs to be shipped, it can often be difficult to find a box with enough space to accommodate it while still providing adequate security against movement and damage. Using void-fill materials such as air pillows or foam sheets, you can quickly create extra padding that fits around the object to protect it without taking up too much space inside the box.

Preventing Against Theft and Losses

Another problem when packing boxes is theft or loss of valuable items due to package tampering during transit. Void-fill materials like bubble wrap help secure your packages from thieves by making it difficult for them to break without being noticed. Additionally, many void-fill materials come with tracking features that allow you to monitor your shipments in real-time, so you know where your products are at all times.

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