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How to Improve the Effectiveness of Protective Packaging

Understanding protecting packaging is essential to ensure a package gets delivered safe and undamaged. It doesn’t just mean that it is delivered in one piece; it means excluding the risks of scratches to finished products, scuffs, and products inside shifting around. There are many small, effective ways to upgrade protective packaging, such as void fill packaging. Gaining a better understanding of these tips and techniques can help eliminate the worry and stress of delivering products altogether.

4 Ways to Improve Protective Packaging Application

There is always room to increase package productivity. Using the right protective packaging for your specific requirements will reduce the materials used and be more cost-effective. What are some ways protective packaging applications can be maximized to achieve greater efficiency?

· Find the best protective material
· Measure out the right size and format
· Consider pre-made material combinations
· Consider using machines that do void fill packaging

Choosing the right protective material can improve efficiency while reducing the risk of the products inside getting damaged. This is also a great opportunity to choose a material that will have the least environmental impact. Foam is a shock-absorbing material. It can dampen vibration and act as a great cushion. In addition, void fill protective packaging has increased in popularity due to its recyclability. Paper products can be used to create void-fill and cushioning. From retail to industrial markets, crumpled paper is often used in packaging as it’s very effective in wrapping, blocking, and bracing.

While sheets on a roll are the more common choice, pouches or mailers reduce the amount of handling and speed up packaging. Pre-sized and choosing the correct format of the protective packaging can enable faster packaging. Another way to improve time efficiency and productivity is by choosing pre-made material combinations. For instance, a product can be wrapped in a layer of foam first. The second layer of bubble wrapping is wrapped around it. A pre-made material with the benefits of the combination of these two layers will cut operation time.

Void fill protective packaging is a method that fills the gaps inside a box between products. Doing so prevents the movement of the products during delivery. The most popular void fill packaging material is paper. Paper void fill machines can help quickly and efficiently get void fill packaging materials into the package. Doing this manually is more time and effort consuming. Increasingly more brands have become environmentally conscious, and for them, paper void fill packaging is a great balance between lower environmental impact and maintaining quality of packaging.

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