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How to Leave a Long Lasting First Impression on Customers with E-Commerce Packaging?

It’s no secret that e-commerce is taking over an increasing portion of sales across multiple industries, from retail to apparel to consumer-packaged goods. There are multiple reasons why this is the case. Thanks to companies like Amazon and eBay, people are increasingly looking to online platforms for their shopping needs. E-commerce also allows customers to buy directly from companies, cutting out the costs associated with purchasing from large retail chains. And, of course, the COVID pandemic has drastically shifted consumer behavior towards digital consumption.

But from a business owner’s perspective, e-commerce ready packaging provides the other side of these interactions with benefits. Ever since Apple revolutionized electronic packaging solutions with their slow-opening boxes, companies have been searching for the next way to improve the customer unboxing experience. With customers turning to online purchasing in order to meet their demands, there’s another way for business owners to make a lasting first impression.

Setting the Tone with E-commerce Ready Packaging

Forward thinking companies are now using the very first experience a customer has with their e-commerce product to create a memorable experience and cement brand recognition. From the moment a customer sees the packaging, they are beginning to form a visual connection with the actual product. Traditionally, this would be short-lived, as most companies just used unprinted corrugated boxes or plain envelopes for shipping.

But now, with the vast improvements being made in printing technologies, e-commerce companies are turning their protective packaging materials into mobile promotional content. Best of all, this branding is seen by many more people than just the end-consumer. People throughout the supply chain process and surrounding area are also exposed to the beautifully designed retail or electronic packaging solution. This enhances and promotes your brand awareness at every step of the way!

Here are a few things to consider when developing your hybrid e-commerce packaging/ marketing strategy:

  • What is your customer looking for from this experience and why have they purchased this product?
  • What elements of your company’s branding and ethos can be incorporated into the packaging to make the unboxing experience more memorable?
  • How can you make your packaging strategically promotional while still maintaining the protective quality of the material?
  • Which custom packaging company can provide you with the best e-commerce packaging?
  • Is my packaging strategy sufficiently sustainable to meet changing consumer expectations?

If you’re in the market for packaging companies serving the Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario that provide e-commerce ready packaging, look no further than Distinctive Solutions. We offer a host of custom packaging solutions that are sure to improve the unboxing experience of your customers and make your brand one of the most memorable in the industry segment!

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