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How to Prevent Damages when Shipping Electronic Devices?

Before the electronics arrive at the buyer’s doorstep, several things have happened to get them to their final destination. After being built in a factory or office, electronics are usually packed by machines and passed onto workers for further packing. At this stage, mistakes can be made when not enough attention was paid while packing the devices for shipping. This could lead to damaged electronics that will need to be fixed before they can be sold again. How do you protect electronics from damage during shipment? What are some feasible electronics packaging solutions?

Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated Cartons are a great way to protect your electronics. They’re the standard when shipping laptops and televisions because they offer an unparalleled level of protection against damage due to impact during transport. Use cases include cereal cartons, shoe boxes, and shipping boxes. These different types of corrugated boxes all offer a similar amount of protection because they’re made with a double-layered exterior that prevents them from being crushed. Corrugate is on the market in different thicknesses, but the most common types are 1/32 inch and 1/16 inch.

Void Fill/Air Pillows

Void Fill/Air Pillows will help to prevent any damage from occurring during transport. They come in all different types and sizes and can be made of either plastic or paper. The idea behind using them is that they fill the empty space (voids) leftover by the product inside the box. That way, there’s more material holding everything in place and Fill/Air Pillows can absorb any impact during transport. Air pillows provide simple, yet effective protection for an extremely low cost. It is also widely used in fragile products so that all sides are equally protected from possible damage.

Water-Activated Tape

Another option is to use “water-activated tape” “gummed tape” in order to tape the box shut. The tape is submerged underwater for at least 30 seconds before applying. Doing so will activate the special adhesive which, when dry, has a much stronger grip than conventional tapes. The wet tape penetrates and bonds with the corrugated box surface and cannot be pried open without making noticeable damage to the box. The result is a strong steal-proof container that meets the criteria for major carriers. Water-activated tape also provides damage prevention during the shipping process. If a carrier tries to open a box with activated tape, it will cause noticeable damage which will void any insurance claims.

Inflatable Packaging Material

One of the best options is to use custom inflatable foam packaging. Custom air cushions can be designed to fit any electronic device and they offer the best of both worlds from bubble wrap and packaged airbags. They give solid protection of your valuable items during transportation, but because they are made of air, there is nothing to break or damage when more force is used.

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