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How Void Fill Mitigates Shipping Problems

Maintaining a positive customer experience when shipping products can be challenging. It requires careful consideration of the weight, size, and fragility of the products being shipped to ensure it arrives safely and in one piece. To ensure they maintain a positive customer experience, many companies are turning to void-fill paper packaging solutions such as air pillows, bubble wrap, and foam cushioning to reduce the risk of shipping damage. Here are some ways void fill can help mitigate shipping problems.

Protection Against Impact Damage

One of the leading causes of damage during shipment is impact damage, caused by items moving around and bumping into each other in transit. You can minimize damage by using void fill packaging solutions like air pillows or bubble wrap to surround and protect items. This helps to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that their items arrive in one piece.

Prevention of Spillage and Leakage

A common challenge during shipment is spillage or leakage from food or liquid products due to incorrect packaging. Using products dispensed by void fill machines and packaging solutions like foam cushioning can help to prevent these problems by minimizing any potential spills or preventing leaks during shipping and handling of the customer’s package. This helps to ensure that customers receive their packages in perfect condition with no mess inside.

Improved Productivity

Void fill packaging solutions are highly efficient and require minimal labor for assembly and filling packages with cushioning material. This helps streamline your packing process, resulting in increased productivity levels for your team and faster turnaround times for customers’ orders—a win-win.

Cost Savings

Void fill packaging solutions can be a cost-effective way to protect shipments without having to spend a lot on expensive materials or labor costs associated with manual packing processes.

Weight Distribution

By utilizing void fill in your void fill paper machine and protective packaging, you can distribute weight evenly throughout the package, which can help prevent damage due to improper weight balance. This helps protect delicate and heavier items from being crushed or damaged while in transit.

Void Fill Options to Choose From

There are several void fill options any manufacturer or supplier can include in their packaging solution. Depending on the user’s products and packaging operation, these void fill options offer unique advantages. Therefore, knowing the different void fill options and the packaging operations they are best for is crucial. Here are some common ways void fill you can choose for your products.

  • Instapak® foam
  • Newair I.B. Flex ® inflatable cushioning
  • Eco-friendly Void Fill paper
  • Custom Air Chamber Packaging
  • Bubble wrap
  • Custom box inserts and dividers
  • Plant-based packing peanuts

For the best quality void fill paper packaging, contact us today at Distinctive Solutions, Inc. We are known for providing high-quality custom shipping boxes and packaging solutions. Our custom packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly, ensuring your brand meets the packaging requirements of the state. They are also durable and long lasting, ensuring your products are protected. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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