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Maintaining Product Integrity in Temperature Sensitive Distribution

For many perishable goods or pharmaceuticals, temperature control levels are vital to ensuring the required quality of products. However, not many businesses know how to go about this problem while staying in full control of the shipment and being cost-effective at the same time. Using proper shipping boxes in Canada is a good option to look into, but what happens once a parcel is out of the supplier’s control and is at the mercy of shipping workers? The following approaches can help address this problem.

Choose Temperature Sensitive Transport

Business owners need to educate themselves on the practices of their desired shipping company. Understanding the shipping companies’ processes is the first step when selecting the channels a product has to pass through before it makes it to the customer. However, temperature-sensitive transport is not just about refrigeration. Rather, it is a set of standard operating procedures employed by the shipping company to deliver products that are otherwise easily compromised by the lack of temperature controls.

Assessing the temperature control logistics of a shipping company beforehand is a good way of filtering out incompetent shipping companies.

Quality Checks

In certain circumstances, pharmaceuticals or any other chemicals that arrive at the delivery destination may appear intact. However, any lack of temperature control during shipping is a potential opportunity for the material of the item to be compromised. For this reason, routine temperature checks during the shipping process need to be carried out, and the supplier needs to view this data and ensure that the product quality is maintained.

Without frequent temperature checks and continuous monitoring, a products’ quality may be compromised and reach consumers in bad shape. Using insulated boxes for shipping is also an intelligent way of maintaining good packaging that secures the goods from any damaging temperatures. They can control outside vehicle temperatures as well during uploading, waiting, and downloading procedures.

Contingency Plan

Packaging should not only be strong enough for any emergencies but it should also be properly isolated to protect products from emergencies. In case of any accident, rain, or other severe conditions or situations, packaging should be able to withstand the damage and protect the quality of products.

For this reason, it is imperative for companies to plan the course of action to be followed in case of any mishap during the shipping process. Having a contingency plan in place reduces the reaction time during the incident and enables both parties to immediately begin following the plan in case of any unfortunate event.


Ensuring proper packaging to safeguard and enhance the value of your products is a part of your marketing and sales process. Therefore, using safe shipping boxes in Canada, such as insulated boxes for shipping or bubble wrap for insulation, guarantees the safe delivery of your products and enhances your brand image. Therefore, partnering with a good shipping company can set your logistics in the right direction. Visit Distinctive Solutions to learn more.

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