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What Are the Day to Day Packaging Mistakes Businesses Keep Making?

When it comes to packaging using wholesale shipping supplies, you need to make the right choices for the materials and methods you use. You need to consider the contents being wrapped and eventually sent through transit and what hazards they may face.

So why does this pose a challenge for some businesses ? Here are some of the missteps that could lead to mistakes in packaging and deliveries:

Mishandling of Fragile Products

A pertinent example is a shipment that you are packaging which contains an important resource, personal protective equipment supplies like face shields. These are vulnerable to easy breakage if not properly packaged. That is why you need to use the appropriate wrapping or cushioning materials to absorb the shock of any impact. Thus, the face shields will not crack with every movement during transit.

Fill the gaps of your shipping box with sustainable cost-efficient paper products, so there is no room for the package’s contents to move in the container. It will remain motionless and effectively cushioned, so that it arrives at the consumer’s doorstep in one piece.

Overlooking Possible Hazards During Shipping

Often, manufacturing and packaging companies may overlook the actual hazards that the products will encounter during the shipping and handling process.

It is helpful to test your package’s durability by simulating these conditions and using effective shipping and void fill materials.

This practice and extra care will boost the credibility of personal protective equipment suppliers with their customers who rely on efficient, safe deliveries for their effective and valuable materials.

Failing to Appropriately Insulate Boxes

Businesses that manufacture and ship perishable food or medical products that needs to be maintained at cold temperatures during transit need to be very diligent during the packaging process. This applies to some protective equipment supplies as well. Failure to implement proper procedures could lead to possible health risks, spoilage and significant loss of revenue .

Insulated boxes or packages with foil bubble wrap, in conjunction with gel packs will ensure that the contents remain cold in transit, so their quality is not comprised during the delivery process.

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