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What Factors Make Up a Good Packaging Decision?

Packaging is the first interaction customers have with your product and we all know the lasting impact of a good first impression. How do you know whether you’re making the right call when choosing packaging materials for certain contents? What works best for what products and delivery process?

When it comes to packaging, you must be strategic. Understanding the total cost of packaging can boost profitability. A packaging system overhaul can be key to reducing the cost of labour, shipping, warehousing, and returns, along with the direct material cost reduction. One size does not fit all. You need to think about the temperature requirements, like whether the contents need to be maintained in cold conditions or if they are fragile and need effective wrapping and void filling for transportation. All packaging in your packaging system must serve a purpose and add value. Fortunately, there are packaging solutions in Toronto, so you don’t need to look beyond your own neighbourhood when gathering the best materials for your packaging business.

With these options, you’ll have the tools to make the right packaging choice for the wide spectrum of products that go through your facility to be delivered to consumers.

Cold Chain Packaging

If you are packaging products that need to remain cool during delivery, you must opt for advanced packaging solutions that will prevent any temperature loss while keeping the contents integrity.

Packing products in shipping boxes lined with insulated bubble wrap, along with a refrigerant, can ensure the contents, usually part of the pharmaceutical or food industries, remain cool and safe during their transit process. Thus, they will maintain their peak condition and be usable for consumers or clients who depend on these products arriving at the specified temperature.

If these products are exposed to heat and become too warm, they could become a health hazard. Therefore custom cold-temperature packaging is the right choice for your application.

Void Filling

For fragile contents, especially, void filling is necessary. Keep the contents of the package from moving or shifting and becoming damaged or broken. Materials like durable, sustainable paper products or inflatable cushioning will keep contents safe during transportation. These cost-effective materials help wrap fragile products and ensure they arrive in one piece to your consumers.

Packaging Solutions in Canada

To help you to make the right packaging choice, Distinctive Solutions is here to help.

With the above options and more available, we’re here to offer the best packaging solutions in Toronto. We offer easy to use, custom, budget-friendly, sustainable and eco-friendly options for your convenience. Our current and innovative materials will keep package contents safe during their delivery, so your clients will trust your business with their valuable products.

Find out more about Distinctive Solutions’ many resources and tailored packaging solutions. We’ll help you to make the right packaging choices every time.

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