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What Kind of Packaging is Right to Protect Fragile Products?

Packaging is important for any business, but especially those that sell fragile products.

If your business sends out easily breakable items, it’s vital that you take the time to carefully consider the shipping boxes and packaging you use to deliver your orders. There are some amazing packaging solutions in Canada that can provide the best solutions to your shipping problems.

Protective packaging has several functions during delivery. It cushions your fragile items during transit to minimize the risk of damage and protects the edges and corners of the products. It also protects the item from scratches or scuff marks caused by the handling of the package. Believe it or not, internal protective packaging may also enhance the unboxing experience for your customers by improving the quality and presentation of the package.

Wrapping Materials to Use

Wrapping up your product might seem simple, but it takes a lot of thought. You must choose the right type of material for your specific products to ensure they provide maximum protection and prevent scratches or dents from occurring.

The wrapping materials you use will depend on the size and shape of your products. You want to use packaging that fits nicely around your fragile items to cushion every edge and corner.

Most packaging companies in Toronto will supply the following options for your packaging. Each option has varying degrees of space-filling functionality and cushioning ability.

  • Paper, often made from recyclable materials, is one of the most common wrapping materials. It comes in a variety of weights and thicknesses and can be purchased in bulk.
  • Polyfoam provides more cushioning than paper and is more waterproof. You can get thicker or thinner poly foam options, but the latter will not provide as much protection. Unfortunately, it is not recyclable.
  • Bubble wrap is one of the best protective wrapping options. The air-filled bubbles provide lots of protection and insulation for your fragile products.
  • Corrugated wrap consists of ridged cardboard or paper sandwiched between two layers of flat paper. The ridges trap air around the item and provide protection and insulation, reducing the risk of damage or breakages. It is quite stiff and inflexible, so it’s not ideal for irregular-shaped products.

Void fill packaging provides extra protection for your fragile products. Adding loose fill materials into the box can fill up the extra space and prevent the items from moving around in the box during delivery.

Common void fill packaging includes packaging peanuts, which are used in a variety of industries. They are protective yet lightweight and easy to add to your packages. The only downsides are the large amount of storage space they require and the mess they can leave.

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