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Why Should You Switch to Cold Chain Packaging?

Business owners that supply temperature-sensitive products worldwide strive to find the best possible packaging solution. The best type of packaging these business owners can use today is cold chain packaging. These packaging solutions are a system of packaging goods during shipping and storage to maintain a consistent temperature.

Cold chain packaging boxes in Canada can maintain the temperature of temperature-sensitive products from manufacture to the final destination. They can be used for various temperature-sensitive products, offering benefits that outweigh their costs. However, choosing the right packaging partner, like Distinctive Solutions, can make temperature-controlled shipping less intimidating and seamless.

Reasons to Switch to Cold Chain Packaging

If you supply temperature-sensitive products, cold chain packaging, like the cold chain cold shipping boxes, offers a lot of benefits. Here are some great reasons to switch to cold-chain packaging.

Protect Product Quality and Reduce Losses

Temperature-sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products are highly susceptible to losses during shipping and storage. A slight temperature variation can affect pharmaceuticals’ efficacy or make them useless or unsafe. Other perishables like food products and cosmetics will lose their freshness if they don’t maintain an optimum temperature range throughout transport.

Thankfully, cold chain packaging offers different levels of protection to meet the specific needs of different products. This helps manufacturers to tailor their shipping containers to meet the different levels of protection needed.

Consumers Will Demand It

The digital age has armed many consumers with abundant information about packaging choices. Most consumers are aware of how products are stored and shipped. They know the quality of products they can expect if a specific type of packaging is used. The expectation of getting high-quality products delivered quickly and at a competitive price has seen many consumers demand cold chain insulated packaging. For instance, some customers specifically demand bubble foil insulation for peace of mind that their product will be received fresh.

Goods Distribution Standards Are Changing

There’s a renewed focus on improving the standards for shipping temperature-sensitive products. In fact, packaging products for pharmaceuticals are under particular scrutiny. Therefore, as new regulations are adopted worldwide, manufacturers will be forced to reevaluate their shipping practices. An excellent way to avoid penalties for non-compliance is to set up proper shipping and storage systems through cold chain packaging.

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