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How to Improve the Effectiveness of Protective Packaging

Understanding protecting packaging is essential to ensure a package gets delivered safe and undamaged. It doesn’t just mean that it is delivered in one piece; it means excluding the risks...

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FAQs About Gel Packs for Food and Pharmaceuticals

Gel packs preserve the shelf life of products and ensure they remain in the same condition as when they were packed. Gel packs are pouches filled with water or refrigerant...

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How Do Air Pillows Ensure Safe Shipping?

Handling and shipping items should always be treated with care. The long shipping process that items go through puts the package at risk of becoming damaged, dented, breaking, scratching, and...

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Choosing the Right Temperature Controlled Packaging

A reliable temperature-controlled supply chain is essential when dealing with perishable products. A cold chain is a supply chain with cargo that requires end to end temperature control throughout transit...

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Evolution of Void Packaging Over the Years

By the end of 2016, Amazon had shipped over 3 million packages in a single day. The Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba even beat Amazon by shipping over 12 million packages...

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