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How to Prepare Gel Packs to Ship Temperature Sensitive Products?

Gel packs can be used when shipping temperature-sensitive products to ensure that they remain within the appropriate storage range. The gel packs are designed to maintain a consistent temperature while...

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What Kind of Packaging is Right to Protect Fragile Products?

Packaging is important for any business, but especially those that sell fragile products. If your business sends out easily breakable items, it’s vital that you take the time to carefully...

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How to Overcome the Common Challenges While Shipping Frozen Foods

If shipping a variety of frozen foods is a key part of your business, you must know how to do this safely. Whatever type of frozen food you sell and...

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Benefits and Applications of Air Bubble Wrap for Various Industries

It’s a fun childhood toy, genius use of synthetic material, and an extremely effective way for logistics companies to ensure that their valuable products make it from point A to...

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How to Make Your Packaging More Sustainable

Over the past few decades, consumer behaviour is increasingly trending towards the support of companies actively contributing to the fight against climate change. Market phenomena like the rise of e-commerce...

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